COVID and Dense Forests of Terror

It seems I can’t escape humid forests or reminders of COVID.

I recently came down with COVID. The mental fog I experienced inspired me to write about it. (You’ll have to decide what elements are true.) A week before COVID, I started reading “The Stand,” which had too many reminders of March 2020. (I wonder if Stephen King realized how accurate he actually was.) I also read “Bird Box” a few months back, which also illustrated the horrific circumstances of what we all went through.

As for the forests, “The Ruins” made me feel the pain in the sweaty heat. Then last night I watched “Annihilation,” and I could see the humidity in the shimmer. (I started the book this evening.) And to bring the creepiness to a close, my current horror novel project represents Hell as a thick rainforest, inspired by my own visits to a tropical location.

Terrible foreshadowing indeed.