“Creating Awesome” with Andrew Hall

I was recently interviewed by my fellow creative friend Andrew Hall – a photographer, entrepreneur and freelancer. His photography is incredible, with several different projects surrounding a potentially apocalyptic future.

What’s intriguing about Andrew’s interview series, Creating Awesome, is the depth to which he is able to go with his interviewees. From business futurists to artists and writers, this interview series is a great resource for other creatives looking to connect.

Some of my favorite quotes from the interviews:

  • B. K. Bass: “One of my biggest motivations for writing is to leave something worthwhile behind after I’m gone. I want to contribute something to our society, and my writing is how I want to go about doing that.”
  • Ron Gavalik: “A lot of writers don’t realize the power they hold.”
  • Jack Uldrich: “The biggest change is that the rate of change is changing–it’s getting faster!”
  • Wolfgang Muchow: “It’s all about story and character.”
  • Robert Marzullo: “Produce something every day.”
  • Cliff England: “I would rather do it myself and fail, then wait around for months or years for someone to give me permission or approval to do something.”
  • Eric Ninaltowski: “If you’re young, don’t waste time. If you’re old, don’t waste time.”
  • Ron Gavalik: “If you don’t know your truth, put down the pen and live a while. Figure out who you are and what makes you tick.”
  • Liam Wong: “Make sure it will be fun and feasible – something that will keep me on track and that I will still be passionate about days/weeks/months/years down the line.”
  • David Liban: “I like the editing process. The chaos of shooting is over and now I can sit and siphon through the material and finally create the film I’ve been imagining all this time.”

I also conducted a series of interviews in 2018 specific to the writing process and focus. The writers contained in both my interview series and those in Andrew’s are great resources to learn more about the craft.

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