The Aesthetics of Editing

For those curious about what editing physically looks like, here’s a page from my short story: Saturn: Journey to the Core. It’s interesting to look back on this and see how much I crossed out. I didn’t delete just words, but entire sentences. The first paragraph was deleted in the final version as it was not essential to the telling of the story.

I read this short story again and can cut even more while improving the prose here and there, given my growth as a writer in the past four years. However, I’m not ready to make any changes yet. SATURN was my first published work, and to keep it in its original form seems like the appropriate action at the moment. Perhaps it will change in the future when I return to this story world.

(Yes, that means we will hear more from the OKULOUS crew in due time…) 2016-04-09 15.03.29

4 thoughts on “The Aesthetics of Editing

  1. Arthur Macabe says:

    Thank you! I’ve heard a lot of others say they don’t like to edit but I enjoy seeing the work change and improve.

  2. Jill Marie Dupslaff says:

    Changing “argh to ugh”, how to decide? Although I am not a writer of stories, I do create things in writing. We could also say editing is about adjustment, flexibility, and adapting. The main focus is what is in front of you needs to be done in order to move on. Whether its letting go old ideas, trusting your vision for the future, weeding out what is not working, simplifying, or feeling flow. We need to be present to know when we are in the “flow”. The task is to be present and inspired by the accomplishments instead of being in resistance. Thank you Arthur for your inspiring energy. I enjoy your posts. YM

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