It Begins

After a two year break, I’ve started writing again.

Since 2020, I had a lot of other work, yet I continued to compile story ideas and find ways to manage my writing, though I did not have a formal project on my desk.

After two days, I’m 1,300 words into a science fiction novel. Many of the ideas formed in my head ten years ago and beyond – even names and concepts as far back as grade school.

As for the tools, I’m using Google Docs for the actual writing, Miro to move my ideas around and outline, and Evernote to track ideas as they come to me when I’m not writing.

Regarding methods and my process, I’m utilizing Cal Newport’s planning and capture strategy to determine what I will work on each week, then referencing Dan Brown’s process for writing he illustrates in his Master Class. I also found a free desk on Craigslist dedicated to my fiction writing.

For the past six months, I’ve been moving my notes around to put the final story together in an outline that made sense. I realize I’m a planner and need to have everything laid out before me. Too many times have I sat down to start writing only to write myself into a corner without the key elements of a story.

I’m super excited to be back at the desk and putting ideas to paper. Stay tuned for more on the process.