Okulous-10 – Chapter 1: First Transmissions

E5R LOG 00








E5R LOG 01

Alexandra Boldt here, Communications Specialist for OKULOUS-10, waking from zombie sleep. Groggy. Other crew members awake before me. Muscular atrophy. Hope it goes away soon. A few hours to walk to communications. Protocol 010: Communications.

E5R LOG 02

Ship Status reporting, all systems functional. Except we can’t receive signals from Earth. Text broadcast only. Hopefully COMMAND is receiving this. We will broadcast daily. Update on crew tomorrow. Muscular atrophy still impeding most actions.

E5R LOG 03

More issues with ship systems. Temperature control, unable to maintain constant temperature within the ship. Too cold. All crew using blankets to keep warm. Probably due to continuing support for zombie sleep systems. Not all crew members awake yet.

E5R LOG 04

Engine systems good, however unable to confirm our ship’s location. Working on solution. Coordinates database still refreshing. Zombie sleep should be down by now, but it isn’t. This worries me. Three crew still not awake. All other crew awake and healthy.

E5R LOG 05

Need Anders to wake from zombie sleep to fix temperature control systems. In such cold, can’t reduce muscular atrophy. Anders would know how to fix. Others and myself looked through heating, but appears too complicated. Average ship temp 54 degF.

E5R LOG 06

Coordinates database still refreshing. Should have refreshed by now. Can’t access any historical logs. Allison Mishings woke from sleep today. Two remaining, including Anders. Vitals appear normal, still concerned. They should be awake by now.

E5R LOG 07

Heating systems connected to zombie sleep capsules. Unless Anders and Foley wake, ship stays cold. Anders’ vitals falling. Worried about him. Foley’s okay. Average ship temperature continues to drop, roughly half of a degree every 22 hours, now 51 degF.

E5R LOG 08  

Foley’s and Anders’ vitals declining. Crew doctor Dirk Schmidt says wait until tomorrow. If vitals still falling we manually wake. Alarms in piloting controls, need Foley or Anders to diagnose. Crew not sleeping. Too cold, increasing risk of disease.     

E5R LOG 09   

Foley’s and Anders’ vitals now critical. Starting manual wake cycle now. Schmidt believes they will die if not taking out of zombie sleep. Crew standing by to support. Can’t lose both and only engineers. Avg temp: 49 degF. Protocol 210: Manual Wake.     

E5R LOG 10    

Foley out of zombie sleep and stable, but unconscious. Process took 8 hours. Preparing to cycle Anders out of zombie sleep. Schmidt training Allison Mishings as his medical assistant. Crew sleep deprived. Concerned about healt. Protocol 210: Manual Wake.     

E5R LOG 11     

Anders dead. Died before Wake Protocol. Not sure what to do. Hard to deal with these emotions in a ship with no resources in the middle of space. So many questions. How do we deal with a dead body in space? Airlock doesn’t feel right. Want a better way.     

E5R LOG 12     

Crew count now 24 (23). Who will take Ander’s place on the crew as engineer? Need to fix temp systems and alarms in pilot controls. Foley still unresponsive. Average ship temp 50 degF. Zombie sleep load on temp systems was too high for ship heating.     

E5R LOG 13 

Put Anders’ body back in zombie sleep capsule after brief memorial service. Temp continues to increase, helping crew muscular atrophy. Concerned we still can’t determine our location. Not sure how to fix without our engineers. Foley still unconscious.     

E5R LOG 14   

Average ship temp still increasing.     

E5R LOG 15

Schmidt, Mishings scheduled weekly health checks. Trying to understand main ship systems. How did Anders keep all this in his head? Think silent alarms may have something to do with our lack of location. Wish I could ask Foley, still unconscious.

E5R LOG 16     

Avg ship temp 67degF. Crew catching up on sleep. Trying different shifts and managing other starting tasks, food and nutrition needs. Planning for mission objectives. With initial troubles, haven’t been able to establish crew operational responsibilities.     

E5R LOG 17   

Still no confirmed location, very concerning to me. Looked outside for the first time. Space is vast. Stars in the distance are unbelievable. Our sun is one of them. Sleep coming okay for me. So quiet in the ship sometimes. Need some white noise to sleep.     

E5R LOG 18     

I asked for help leading the crews, still too busy understanding OKULOUS-10 engineering. Myself and Schmidt are now designated captains. Foley still unconscious. Vitals normal. Concerned she isn’t awake. Hope to send images soon, not enough signal capacity.     

E5R LOG 19

The two alarms I found on the navigation computer could be bad sensors on ship’s exterior shell. Not sure how to fix yet. Need to confirm wiring routes. Can’t stop looking outside. It’s beautiful. Milky Way is an incredible sight out here. So many stars.     

E5R LOG 20

Foley awake but not speaking. Schmidt is concerned about her health, early flu symptoms. Schmidt suggests a quarantine. I don’t understand how someone could get flu out here. Crew finally getting into mission objectives. More details to follow.     

E5R LOG 21

First found of weekly health appointments tomorrow. Will send separate files with summaries when available. Confirmed bad sensors are why we can’t establish our location. Requires exterior trip to sensor. Have to establish procedure. A frightening thought.     

E5R LOG 22

Mishings concerned about health appointment results. One crew member seen looking at Anders’ dead body. Seems strange. May not have been a good idea to keep his body on the ship. Foley in medical quarantine until symptoms gone. Still not speaking.     

E5R LOG 23

Two crew members show early signs of mental destabilization. Never know how isolation like this will impact someone. Planning for first maintenance walk to fix sensors. Other tasks being assigned. Determining primary mission objectives for crew teams.     

E5R LOG 24

Charles Boden caught staring at Anders’ dead body again. When asked why, he said: “He’s still alive. Why hasn’t he woken up?” Thinking we can’t keep Anders’ on board for sake of crew mental health, but doesn’t feel right to send out the airlock.     

E5R LOG 25

Mishings says three crew – including Boden – are mentally unstable. Foley’s flu symptoms are clearing, still not speaking.     

E5R LOG 26

Primary objectives determined: 1) Where are we? 2) Determine Foley’s condition. 3) Assign leaders to: Health and Nutrition, Planning, Navigation, Sciences. Preparing for exterior walk tomorrow. I’m terrified. Still monitoring mental health of others.     

E5R LOG 27

Exterior walk completed. Terrifying. Space is dark. Impossible to see anything outside the helmet light. Both exterior sensors damaged. Other damage seen to shell of OKULOUS-10, as if we went through a storm. Need to check navigation history before waking.     

E5R LOG 28

Health Team Objectives: Maintain plant growth cycles, ensure health and fitness of crew. Planning Team Objectives: Determine next steps in mission, act as mission historians. Navigation Team Objectives: Determine our location (after sensors repaired).     

E5R LOG 29

Sciences Team Objectives (lead by me): Repair exterior sensors. Review extent of exterior ship damage, verify no other critical systems are in alarm. Night and day shift for crews determined. Performing another exterior walk.      

E5R LOG 30

Unsure of current date. Our time indicates E5R1205:1346:seconds. Boden’s instability based on his observance of Anders. Other crew instabilities based on memory loss before waking, leading to other symptoms.     

E5R LOG 31

Second maintenance walk. Both nav sensors inside for repair. Significant damage near sensors on ship’s shell, like something hit us, denting of the shell, no breaches. Recommending no repair action at this time for shell since atmosphere is still intact.     

E5R LOG 32

Schmidt made difficult decision today: remove Ander’s body from ship. Already done. Boden tried opening Ander’s capsule. He is under medical watch with Mishings. If this was not part of original mission protocol, asking that an exception be made.     

E5R LOG 33

Foley spoke today. First words: “How did we die?” Nothing else to report.